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46.  Army Photo Album - Hungary, Balkans & Russia - VOLUNTEER LATVIAN TROOPS - LATE WAR!
185 photos. Very artistically captioned. Nice photos of STURMGESCHUTZ with winter camo, Panzers on roll in the field, photos from HUNGARY, train transport, many vehicles, refugees, photos from PRAGUE, good signals equipment images, ceremonies in Bulgaria, gypsies, destruction in VIENNA, heavy artillery, halftracks, Russian TANKS, KO Russian artillery, troop graves in the field, crashed Me 109 in the field, more good images of ME 109 airplanes, Soviet aircraft, very nice TRENCH PHOTOS OF VOLUNTEER LATVIAN TROOPS!, scarce photo of a Sd.Kfz. 254 (only 140 constructed), photos right up until the day of capitulation (last photo dated 8. May, 1945) and his entry into POW camp. Nice album!