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46.  Army Photo Album, Diary SOLDBUCH & Document Grouping  - Inf Rgt 88
Complete grouping of a man who served in the Panzer Abwehr (PAK) unit in Inf Rgt 88 and later Panzer Jag Komp 251. His last unit was Festung Inf. Btl XIV/999 Comes with his Soldbuch complete with uniform photo and all pages.  Very well filled out. Awards listed include EK2, Inf Assault Badge, Ostmedaille. Westwall medal and Black Wound Badge.  Comes with his original award documents for the EK2, Inf Assault Badge, Ostmedaille and West Wall medal as well as Long Service Medal. Also comes with his diary from 1941 and other pieces!  Photo Album contains 84 photos In official unit album, portraits, good PAK photos, unit photos, maneuvers, goofing off in barracks, panzers, funerals and more.  Nice complete grouping!