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46.    WWII US FIGHTER PILOT 2x Trunk Group - 2x KILLS - EVADER & POW - TOP!
AMAZING 2x Kill Fighter Pilot 2x Trunk Group! Need to Cast. Thomas P. SMITH who flew with the 370th Fighter Squadron, 359th Fighter Group. Smith flew 74 combat missions, had two confirmed German FW 190 kills and 2x probables, flew missions on D-DAY, was shot down in Holland in Sept. 1944, evaded the Germans, was evading the Germans with the French/Belgian resistance but was given up to the Germans by a traitor, was taken prisoner, was able to escape again during an air raid on a train, hid until found by the British and was eventually returned to duty to fly more missions. So, he was a DOUBLE EVADER & POW!! The grouping comes with TWO trunks. One was the one that his personal effects were sent home in when he was MIA, the second was his personal one he brought home after returning to duty. Comes with an extensive grouping of items. The centerpiece is is GORGEOUS private British tailored Ike jacket with red lining and all original British insignia - one of the best 8th AF bullion patches I have ever seen, all British made ribbon bars, etc. Also comes with two other uniforms tunics, silk scarf, named duffel bag, uniform pants, shirt and tie (everything named to him), original Ray Ban sunglasses he wore on missions, original watch he wore on missions, fantastic ORIGINAL WARTIME 370th SQUADRON PATCH, original trunk stencil, cased DFC, cased AIR MEDAL, Crusher visor cap, some period photos and some copy photos (great color photo of him by his plane with the 2x German kill insignia), original flight class books, nice original 359th FG unit history, copies of his discharge and separation documents (confirming 2x kills), a few pieces from his wife who was a WWII nurse in the Pacific, copy of encounter report where he shot down his FW 190,s, a super typed personal history from him detailing his details after being shot down and evading, more.

many of his personal OCLOR photographs cane be found here and downloaded….