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44  Army OFFICER Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - Grenadier Regiment 72 -  Nice!
131 photos in three albums as well as the man's award documents. Named to Lt. Herbert ARTES. He served in Grenadier Regiment 72 & Inf Rgt 95.   His face is easy to spot throughout the albums. Starts with his induction at Coburg in 1940, then stationed in Scheidam, HOLLAND,  then photos from his Russian Campaign service starting in 1941, photos of him wearing medals in the field, good portrait photos of him, photos from the Caucuses, troops in harsh Russian winter conditions,
Comes with his rare POSTHOUMOUS IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS award document with original signature of 257 ID commander General der Artillerie Anton Reichard Freiherr von Mauchenheim-von Bechtoldsheim, letter to his wife presenting her with his EK1 and award document after his death, SILVER WOUND BADGE award document, INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE Award document with orig signature Regimental commander Generalmajor Ernst SCHNARRENBERGER DKiG (he was a famous AFRIKAKORPS commander, in charge of Fortress TUNIS at the capitulation), more!