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44  Kriegsmarine U-BOOT Photo Album - EK1 Winner - U-57, U-59 & U-506 - TOP!
328 photos of a U-Boat sailor who served on the U-57, U-59 and U-506.  Many outstanding photos of the man (he is easy to identify throughout the album) on U-Boats at sea, in port, shore leave, etc. SUPER Studio portraits of him and comrades wearing U-Boat Badges, EK2 and EK1 medals - many identified and later killed in action.  I have identified several. More could be found with a bit more research.  Fantastic photos of the INSIDE OF U-59  at sea - rare photos as flashes were not the safest things inside a U-Boat!  Great photos of U-59 tower EMBLEMS (Gauntlet with Götz von Berlichingen), returning to port with many victory pennants, identified Knights Cross Winners, medal ceremonies, and much more! Best U-Boat album we have offered in some time!