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42  US WWII Photo Album - 28th General US ARMY Hospital - Belgium, Holland - many photos from LIEGE
200+ photos, Well captioned.  MANY photos from his time stationed in an Army Hospital in LIEGE, BELGIUM.  Many photos have photographer stamp from Liege studio on reverse,  Photos start from Sept 1944 to end of war.  German Pill Boxes in Liege, interacting with Belgian locals, VE Day celebrations, US Bomber formations flying overhead, photos from inside hospital, planes, captured 8.8cm Flak cannons, many photos of Fort De La Chartreuse in Liege, German destruction in Liege, great photos of US Tank crews rolling through Liege in Sept 1944, Belgian soldiers on parade, German uniform effigy, destruction in Liege from German V-1 Buzz bomb - close call for the man!!,  field ambulances collecting dead Belgians from the Buzz Bombs, photos from MAASTRICHT, Holland, more!  Fantastic album!