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40.   PANZER Award Document Grouping - 23 Panzer Division - Panzer Assault Badge “50” - Panther Commander - TOP!!
Amazing grouping to Feldwebel Willi HÄRTEL who served in 8./Panzer Rgt 23 of the 23 Panzer Division. Comes with his Panzer Assault Badge III Stufe (Panzer Badge “50”) award document with original signature of 23 Panzer Regiment commander Oberstlt. Georg-Wilhelm Prinz zu Waldeck und Pyrmont, his Iron Cross First Class Award Document with original signature 23 Panzer Division Commander Generalleutnant Joseph von Radowitz. Radowitz, interestingly, was the last person awarded the Knights Cross. There are also several official documents from his personnel file. VERY IMPORTANT to this grouping is his official, complete list of all his engagements qualifying his for the Panzer Badge “50.” Has original signature of Kompanie Fuehrer. Also comes with official file document listing his official details including promotion to Feldwebel on March 1, 1945 and as “Kommandant in Pz. Kampfwagen V” - Panther! on reverse is official listing of his awards including Panzer Assault Badge I Stufe, II Stufe and III Stufe! Also cones with his Kompanie commander’s applications [Antrag]for his awards of the Panzer Assault Badge “25” AND “50.” Also comes with his Verpflichtungsschein for long service award, and a personal evaluation completed by his Panzer course instructor when he was in Panzer Rgt 15. Amazing grouping.
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