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40. PANZER Award Document & Photo Grouping - LEHR RGT. 901 - 1936 Spanien Cufftitle Portrait!
Really amazing grouping to Feldwebel Paul SCHEWIER who served in LEHR-REGIMENT 901 - very desirable unit! This unit later becamepart of the famous PANZER LEHR DIVISION!    Comes with a nice grouping of photos and portraits of the man including one very rare studio portrait showing him wearing the "1936 Spanien" cufftitle!  Comes with Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze award document with original signature Rgt. Kdr. Oberst Georg Scholze (RK Winner), Ostmedaille award document w/ orig. sig. II. Batl Kdr. Panzer Gren Lehr Rgt 901, Major Christian KUEBLER (DKiG winner), Iron Cross First Class with orig. sig. Generalmajor and Kdr. 3 panzer Division Franz WESTHOVEN (RK winner), Black Wound Badge when serving with Inf. Rgt. 900 (mot) of the Lehr Brigade (mot.) 900 with original signature Batl Kdr., Iron Cross Second Class with orig. sig. Generalmajor Josef HARPE (RK+SWORDS Winner!), Sudetenland Medal certificate, Sports Badge booklet, and his military discharge.