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40.   WWII 20th AF B-29 Bombardier TRUNK GROUPING - TOP!
SUPER grouping to 20th AF, 444 BG, 678 BS B-29 bombardier/navigator, Capt. Merlin NORTON!!  It is in one of the mintiest trunks I have seen. Still with all the shipping tags and labels - minty!  Comes with a huge amount of items including his flight records, cased Air Medal, AMAZING SET of (what appear to be ) theater made Bombardier Wings(!!), BEAUTIFUL original wartime SQUADRON PATCH for the 678 BS ($800 by itself!), Ike Jacket with theater made patch, Long Coat, original B-4 suitcase - also in great condition with great original Army AF Insignia, cadet cap badge, OD shirt, chocolate shirt,  four pocket tunic with nice theater made 20th AF patch, portrait photo of him in flight gear, silk scarf, Restricted navigation navigators information file, binder with original letterhead money build on used still in original box, Duffel bag also with original tags, Bancroft Flighter (true) crusher cap, and more!