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3.   Army Photo Album, Feldpost & Wehrpass Grouping - Aufklarungs Abt 30 - 30 Inf Division - KIA
Nice grouping to Obergef. Guenther PRIMAS who served with the Radfahr Abt and later the Aufklarungs Abt 30 of the 30 Inf Division. He was killed on Sept 20, 1944 when the division was fighting Livland & Kurland. Comes with his original Wehrpass. Award entries for the POSTHUMOUS award of his EK2, Black Wound Badge, many campaign entries for service with Heeres Gruppe Nord, he was KIA in OMELI. Also comes with several pieces of Feldpost including a letter he wrote home only a week or so before his death. Also comes with other documents & IDs including Postsparbuch.  Album contains 111 photos. nice photos of him in Russia in 1943/44 wearing camo uniforms, posing with Finnish MG, winter camo, schwere Mortars, nice photos showing Brunswick Totenkopf cap badges in wear, foxholes and more.