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3.    U-BOAT KIA Document Grouping - U-405 - Historically Important!
Grouping to Matrosen Gef. Ernst ZURWONNE. He was KIA on Nov. 1, 1943 when serving on U-405. The fate of the U-405 is unique in submarine warfare! On the 23rd day of her eighth and final patrol, 1 November 1943, U-405 was engaged by the destroyer USS Borie at 49°00′N 31°14′W. The destroyer initially fired depth charges, after which U-405 came (and was probably forced) to the surface. Borie then rammed U-405. After the ramming, Borie was high-centered on top of U-405, and until they separated, exchanges of small arms fire took place. This was a unique battle: unlike other modern naval actions, it was decided by ramming and small arms fire at extremely close range. USS Borie succumbed the next day from damage suffered, with the loss of 27 officers and seamen. See link below for more details.
The grouping comes with his original WEHRPASS listing many U-Boat related entries included him being killed in action while serving on a U-Boat on Nov. 4, 1943. Also comes with his original Minesweeper Badge award document with original signature 3 Sicherungs Division commander, Kapitän zur See Erich Alfred Breuning (DKiG). Also comes with the RARE Award Document for the POSTHUMOUS award of the U-Boat Badge as well as the very rare sport Award Document for winning the high jump in the 1943 Flottillemeisterschaft - great document with large U-Boat Badge design.