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3.   PANZER Photo Album - Sudentenland + POLAND Campaigns - 2. Panzer Division
120 photos of a man who served in a Panzerspahwagen unit. Covers his service from 1938-1941 in Russia. Starts with a super studio portrait of the man wearing early Panzer Beret. the album is well captioned throughout. Great Panzerspahwagen photos, parades and ceremonies, photos of HERMAN GOERING he refers to as "Hermann Meyer," photos from Vienna - where his unit was stationed, scarce photos AUSTRIAN Steyr ADGZ ARMORED CARS in German service, photos from his service in the SUDETENLAND campaign - captured Czech BUNKERS, Panzer IV command tanks (frame aerials), parades in Prague and BRUNN, photos of CZECH AIRCRAFT, Panzers, POLISH POWs, river crossings, captured Polish armor, destroyed Polish towns, JEWS in FORCED LABOR, motorcycles, great unit photo, medals in wear, more.