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3.   SKI-JAEGER Award Document Grouping - Ski Jaeger Regiment 1 - RARE!
Rare grouping to a SKI-JAEGER. All from Obergef. Konrad HEID who served in SKI-JAEGER Regiment 1. Comes with his OSTMEDAILLE award document with original signature commander II./Skijaeger Rgt 1, IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS with signature WAFFEN-SS BRIGADEFUEHRER Wilhelm BITTRICH - RK + SWORDS winner & commander SS Kav. Div. Florian Geyer, BLACK WOUND BADGE for wounds received on Nov 30, 1942, field issue certificate for the INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE awarded Aug 17, 1943 with orig. sig. Btl. Kdr., a SECOND award document for the INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE awarded March 12, 1944 with original signature Regimental commander Oberst Bruno WEILER (RK winner + Tank Destruction Badge), KVK2 Award Document awarded Sept 1, 1944 with orig. sig. Kdr. 1 Ski Division Generalmajor Martin BERG (RK winner). Also comes with other documents related to his service including Russian POW ausweis.