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3.   Luftwaffe ME 110 Photo Album - 7.(F)/Lehrgeschwader 2 - Battle of Britain + Russia + Greece
158 photos of a man who served in 7.(F)/Lehrgeschwader 2 - the first time we have had an album from this specific unit! Covers Battle Britain through Russia & Greece! a Zestoerer Geschwader flying specially modified Me 110’s. VERY nice Me 110 photos, pilots returning from missions, squadron Scottie mascot, Me 110 with unit emblems of L.G. 2, Me 110 with camp paint schemes, pilots in cockpit, personal emblems, good photos of unit base, Oblt. Josef Peteani reporting to the Staffelkapitän 7./ LG 2 Hptm Gerndt (back to camera) on his return from a sortie over England during the Battle of Britain, great photo of Me 110 L2+ER (On 25 September 1940 Bf 110 C-5 " L2+ER" flown by Oblt Weyergang was dispatched to photograph targets in London but ran into a 229 Sqn Hurricane and in the ensuing pursuit took a number of hits before crashing north of Hastings where the two crew were buried), vehicles with laughing devil unit emblem, good photos of destruction in France in 1940, motorcycle with unit emblem in front of KO British Tank in Greece, and more. Rare!