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3.   HITLER JUGEND Photo Album - HJ Führerschule - NÜRNBERG RALLY
84 super photos in a scarce original HJ album with HJ insignia on cover. Much harder to find than the typical Army types.  Contains very good Hitler Jugend images including very good images of the boy's unit at a Nürnberg Rally!  Tent life at the Rally, original Hitler photo arriving, Zeppelin Field, flags, photos from the Altstadt Nürnberg, Nürnberg train station, etc. Nice HJ Führer uniforms, group photos, marching, HJ drums, nice studio portraits, high ranking HJ officer wearing HJ leader dagger, HJ Fahne, photos from him at HJ Führerschule, great photos of him in HJ Führer uniforms, HJ bands with instruments, more!  Great HJ album!