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3b.  GROSSDEUTSCHLAND Photo Album - France, Yugoslavia, Russia - TOP!
Amazing original photo album from a member of Panzer Grenadier Division GROSSDEUTSCHLAND who served with the unit from its days as IR (mot.) GD during the France Campaign! Well captioned throughout. Many photos also have captions on reverse.  Contains 285 photos - all from his military service with Grossdeutschland.  Contains Many great images of GD ciphers shoulderboards as well as GROSSDEUTSCHLAND cufftitles in wear!  The second page has a photo of seven soldiers and officers, one wearing Knights Cross captioned " EK1 u. Ritterkreuztraeger im Battl." identified photo of Konrad Grell (DKiG winner with 3. Schwadron/Aufklärungs-Abteilung "GD"), photos from Pairs & Lyon (unit war crimes committed here), British POWs, Me 109's on airfield in France, Sd.Kfz. 251, StuG III's, refugees, captured French Panhard armored cars, Black French Colonial POWs, Maginot Line bunkers, many photos of vehicles with triangle emblem of GD, Heeres Flak Halftracks, training back in Germany after the France Campaign, many photos of GD graves, super photo of the Grenadier Kaserne GROSSDEUTSCHLAND entrance with huge unit sign officers conferring in the field, original photos of Oberst von STOCKHAUSEN (Kdr. IR GD), photos of DkiG winner Major Ernest KRUEGER (Pionier Kdr. GD), photos from the unit's transfer and operations in YUGOSLAVIA, original photos of Baldur VON SCHIRACH visiting the unit in 1941, good GD Panzer IV columns in the field, Krads, StuG's with nicknames painted on, nice photos GD Grenadiers riding on tanks, then phtoos of him recovering in hospital in Warsaw after being wounded, more.  Great album!