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3b.  AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album, & Document Grouping - Rare DRIVER'S AWARD DOCUMENT - 90 leichte AFRIKA DIVISION
383 photos!  Super grouping to Gefr. Karl ROTHERMEL who served in Stab. II/ lei. IR 155 of the 90 leichte AFRIKA DIVISION. Comes with his RIBBON BAR with Afrika Campaign ribbon, a SUPER RARE color award document for driving 200,000 km in the Afrikakorps with facsimile signature ROMMEL, original signature Oberst (I have only had this document a couple of times in 10 years), Photo Album contains 198 photos from the Poland Campaign (Jews, Warsaw, etc) through forming up in Italy for movement to Afrika, 185 loose photos, mostly from Afrika including a SUPER studio portrait of him wearing AKRIKAKORPS cufftitle & Afrika Campaign medal, many good vehicle images, POWs, Kettenkrad column in the desert, Italian troops, planes, captured British equipment & vehicles, many tropical uniforms in wear, Afrikakorps cufftitles in wear, KO British tanks in the desert, Italian planes, graves, desert road signs, captured British armored cars in German service, troop using captured US JEEP in the desert, blown up German Panzers, crash landed ME 109, Ju 87 Stuka in the desert, and more! Super grouping!