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3b.   FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album - 1. Fallschirmjaeger Division - France,  ITALY - Top!
201 photos of a FALLSCHIRMJAEGER - paratrooper. Starts with his time in training as a pilot - nice Me 109 photo & original photo of MOELDERS, then transfer to Fallschirmjaeger training. Has a fantastic studio portrait photo of officer wearing Fallchirmjaeger Badge & Pilots Badge as well as a big medal rack, photos of him in jump smocks, unit parades in FJ helmets and jump smocks, FJ officers, then stationed in France in JOSSELIN in New Years 1943, great photos of the unit jumping in Flugplatz AVIGNON, France, great photos of FJ's jumping, landing, camo jump smocks, then the unit transferred to ITALY and the photos jump to ROME including the harbor ruins of  Ostia Antica in July 1943, great photos of FJ's in the Rome train station, officers conferring, super photo of FJ officer in jump smock with MP 40, ends with original photos of GENERAL STUDENT, Maj Gerster and General RAMCKE!!