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38.    Gebirgs Jaeger Photo Album - Russia Campaign - 1. Gebirgs Division -  Nice!
195 photos of a Gebirgs Jaeger (Mountain Troop) who served in the 1. Gebirgs Division, In a nice hardback book type album with original Edelweiss cap Badge on cover! Studio portraits including officer with personal dedication, field radios in mountains, GJ troops in high mountains, ski troops, troops in winter camp, PKW cars with unit insignia, KO Russian armored car & KIA crew being inspected, troops graves in the field, KO Russian T-35 tanks, Russian artillery, KV-2 tanks, Cossacks, BT tanks, vehicles navigating Russian mud, Krads with unit emblems, Ski patrols in winter camp, crashed Soviet planes, 8.8cm Flak cannons with armored shields, Rata aircraft, KO Stalin line Bunkers, T-34 tanks, Russian POWs, GJ KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER, Gotha GLIDER in the field, GJ mules with equipment, more.