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37.   AFRIKAKORPS Photo Album - GERMAN CROSS in GOLD WINNER -  Aufklarungs Abt 33 -  Original ROMMEL Photos!
147 photos of a DkiG winner who served in Aufklarungs Abt 33 of the 15 Panzer Division.  Well captioned throughout. Contains SEVEN original, private, unpublished photos of ROMMEL in the desert arriving by Fieseler Storch.  Portrait of Officer in Panzer wrap wearing DKiG, many other photos of the man w/ DkiG in wear in the desert and in  Italy, photos from EL ALAMEIN, several photos of captured US JEEPS being used in the desert, Flak positions, British vehicles in German service, Sd.Kfz. 250, other vehicles, KO British armored car still smoking, funeral ceremonies in the desert, unit emblems on vehicles, unit graves, in Italy, and more.