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36.    British WWI PILOT Log Book & Photo Album Grouping - Very Rare!
Rare grouping to WWI pilot Sidney VENABLES. Comes with two rare WWI issued Air Board Technical Notes of aircraft - has  ONE of these is listed on the market for $1200 (!!!), his WWI era RAF flight log book starting with training flights in Avro 504's in Aug 1918. He was assigned to No 8 Flight Group, 11. TDS RAF Old Sarum. Also comes with Archive copies of his service records. Photo album is SUPER containing many great aircraft photos, covers his time at RAF Old Sarum in 1918. Many captions in his own hand! Many identified personnel, planes in flight, many visible aircraft markings and insignia, flight gear in wear, plane wrecks, identified Canadian and American airmen, crash of Abell and Mees who were killed in flight, amazing photo of a Sopwith pup with great diamond paint scheme, aerial photos of the air base, and more! Rare grouping at a cheap price!!