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36.   US COLONEL'S Photo, Medal & Document Grouping - 10th Mountain Division +  CORPS SIGNALS Commander - Italy
Massive grouping to Col. Edmund D. CUNNINGHAM. Comes with his original cased ORDER OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE (Italian).  Massive amount of material including his original BRONZE STAR GO Citations, Original LEGION OF MERIT GO citation, GO citation of PURPLE HEART, original Military DISCHARGE, diplomas from General Staff School, very nice original "300 Days in Battle" poster with IV corps button with his name on it, tons of original orders, promotions, and other official paperwork, original material related to military patent for technique of aerial wire laying he invented,  letter from Brazilian commanders, original letters from IV commander General CRITTENBERGER with original signatures - including a completely hand-written letter telling him he is being recommended for promotion to Colonel,  original Special order of the day form Field Marshal Alexander, original IV Corps Publications, two LARGE maps of Italy he used in the field, photo of Cunningham with captured German officer, documents related to him being wounded in Italy resulting in disability, original photo of FM ALEXANDER presenting Cunningham with the ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (photo is blurry in listing but is actually sharp), also comes with a LARGE number of 8x10 in. photos when he served with the 87th Mountain Inf Rgt of the 10th Mountain Division - great photos of 10th Mountain troops training in high mountain conditions, ski troops, weapons, rare photo of halftrack modified Jeep, mules and equipment and more. Great grouping!