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32. 101st AIRBORNE Uniform Grouping - 506th PIR - D-DAY JUMP!
Amazing Grouping to Pvt James G. HANAWAY who served in the (HQ 3rd Batl) 506th PIR, 101st Airborne and was WIA in Normandy and two more times before war's end. He was a member of  Parachute class #49 on Dec 12, 1942 (see link below).  His Separation Record shows he made two combat Jumps including D-Day and Purple Heart with OLC.  Comes with several pieces of original paperwork, Period Copy of is Separation/Qualification Record,  many original V-Mail and letters his family wrote him, original photo of him and comrade in France, copy photo of him in Jump Jacket, cased Purple Heart Medal, original copy of Epic of the 101st Airborne, souvenir dagger he brought back from Germany, Jump Boot, IKE with 101st Patch, Jump Wings, and more!
listed in 506th roster below