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32.  WWII German Army Album - 9. Panzer Division Photo Album - France, Holland, Greece, Balkans, Russia

Appx 180 photos of a soldier in a Grenadier unit of the 9 Pz Div.. Many pages have captions written on them. There are two large appx 8 x 10 inch portrait photos of the soldier in the album. There is also a Death Notice of a soldier the a s.MG unit.
Images include: Vehicles with the 9. Pz Div insignia including Panzerspahwagen, crashed German bomber (looks like a Do17), knocked out French tanks, photos of the Maginot Line, motorcycles, barrage balloon at Dunkirk, destroyed French artillery, artillery battery firing, Panzerspahwagen in France, vehicle columns in France and Russia, Stukas in flight, super photo of Dunkirk taken from a distance in which a HUGE column of smoke can be seen!, several other photos from Dunkirk, knocked out French pill boxes,
4 photos from Rotterdam, troops digging foxholes in the ice in Russia, two photos of a soldier in black Panzer uniform, troops wearing EK1, Infantry Assault Badges, and wound badges, photos from his hospital stay, photos from Smolensk, photos of troops having just come from an assault (pistols drawn, stick grenades in belt, etc), KIA soldiers, more.