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31.   Army Photo Album + WEHRPASS & SOLDBUCH Grouping - Russia - Nice!
Grouping to Johan GRIESS. Comes with his Wehrpass & SOldbuch, both with all pages and ID photos. Served in Kw. Transport Abt 992. Awards entered include KVK2 and Ostmedaille. Long list of campaign entries in Poland and Russia and in 1944, West of Germany. there are also several other papers from his service. One interesting one is an order with the truck & license plate number he is to drive to the Eiffel in Jan 1945. Photo album contains 120 very good images from his service in Russia - most captioned on reverse - weapons, tanks, good photos of his vehicles he was responsible for, captured Russian Tanks, militia, POWS, troops interacting with Russian villagers, road signs, burning villages, graves, vehicles with insignias and more.