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31.   WWII AIRBORNE Uniform Grouping - Rare First Airborne Task Force Patch
Nice named grouping to Sgt. Dale La Vern NORTON. He served in Glider Airborne Field Artillery. Comes with many pages of archive records i - you can see there really WAS a fire there!  lists him as part of the First Airborne Task Force. He first saw action in Italy with the 517 Parachute Regimental Combat Team and was then pulled with the unit to form the First Airborne Task Force for OPERATION DRAGOON. Received his Bronze Arrowhead for Dragoon.  Discharge shows he went home with the 116th of the 29th Division. Great that his original discharge was in the archives - shows all his campaigns including Cent Europe, Ardennes, Rome-Arno, northern France, Rhineland.  Comes with a very nice Ike jacket with Jump wings, Croix de Guerre Aiguillette  SUPER RARE field-made First Airborne Task Force patch!  The construction of the patch matches exactly the construction of the Airborne cap badge on his garrison cap.  Also comes with his Visor Cap, cigar box with his Dog Tags, extra insignia, Good Conduct medals and pillow cover.