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30.    Luftwaffe Photo Album - FLAK Kompanie SPIESS - 8.8cm FLAK Unit
380 photos - SUPER Flak photos. Starts with his RAD service - nice portrait photos, NURNBERG RALLY, unit photos, officers, etc. Better than average RAD content. Luftwaffe service - nice portraits, The man and comrades wearing Luftwaffe Flak Badges, MANY SUPER 8.8 cm Flak cannon photos, He 111 bombers on airfield, funeral ceremonies, destroyed allied planes they shot down, EK2 AWARD Ceremony - several images, plane contrails, high ranking officers visiting their Batterie, more. The album ends with a touching portrait of a British family who befriended him during his POW time in England. They write to him on the back of the photo that they hope he has luck in finding his family when he returns to Germany.