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2b.  WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - KRADSCHUETZEN - Russia + Norway/Finland
102 photos of a Waffen-SS Kradschuetzen man. Has some likely post-war insignia on first page, small portraits of the man in SS uniform, many photos of SS KRADS and Kradschuetzen troops in the field, medals in wear, many images of SS insignias in wear, camp smocks in wear, troops transport to Norway/Finland, KO Russian tanks, good images of salty SS troops in the field, SS officers, great photo of a SS squad in the field, one with a SNIPER RIFLE (!!), troops in heavy winter gear, MG 34 positions, one photo of some type of experimental (?) camo uniform in wear, PAK cannons, long barrel Sturmgeschutz, KIA Russian tank crews, schwere PAK, more.