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29.   WWII Army Photo Album + Unit Map & History - 132. Inf. Div. - Balkans - Nice!
This album contains appx 150 photos. It is particularly interesting because it concerns the same division that Lt. Bidermann who wrote the excellent book, In Deadly Combat, served in. Some of the officers mentioned in his book are pictured in this album The album is beautifully put together with typed captions pasted in throughout the album. On the first page the owner identified that this album concerns "The Campaign against Yugoslavia: April - June 1941." Images include: Photos of the officers of II./Gren Rgt 438 (one of the 3 Grenadier Rgts of the 132nd), the units journey on the way to Yugoslavia, their layover in Bischofshofen, photo taken just as the pass the Yugoslavian border, unloading their equipment in Pulfing-Brunn, artillery batterie in place on Yugoslavian border, his unit on the march from the border to Marbug (April 9), the lead soldier is carrying an MP40, troops entering Marburg, photos of Gebirgsjaeger with Edelweiss insignia on cap and sleeve (identified as Lt. Harm, commander of 2nd platoon), troops crossing over the destroyed rail bridge in Marburg, captured Yugoslavian soldiers, Panzer III tank with crew visible, exhausted troops, troops bivouacking in the field, motorcycle and sidecar, troops interacting with Yugoslavian civilians, many Gypsies, photo of the Battalion Commanders inspecting a wrecked vehicle, and more.  Also comes with a large Map & unit history of the 7. Inf Division during teh France Campaign - wartime original. Must have been a previous unit he was in.