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29.   PANZER Photo Album Wehrpass & Document Grouping - HUMMEL Crew Member - KIA!
341 photos(!) and documents of a man who served on a Sd.Kfz. 251  HUMMEL Crew as part of At. Rgt 63. It is well known this unit was equipped with Selbtfahrlafette "Hummel" starting December 1, 1943.  Comes with his award documents for the Bulgarian Bravery Medal IV Class, Driver's Badge in SILVER, Iron Cross Second Class, Driver's Badge in GOLD, letter to family saying he was KIA, letter attesting to his being credited for a Sturmtag, rare document from the 36 & 134 Inf Div. WEHRPASS is very nice with training qualification for the s.F.H. 18 (Sf.) [ that would be the HUMMEL], also training courses for driving fully tracked armored vehicles over 10 tons and as GESCHUTZFUEHRER. All awards entered, many campaign entries for France & Russia, and entry that he was KIA on Dec 12, 1944. Album contains many great front photos including several of him on his HUMMEL in the field (!!), many other good artillery photos from his time before the unit was fitted with HUMMELS, many halftrack photos, photos of him on day of his EK2 award, artillery crews in action in the field, graves, Russia river crossings, Russian airplanes, bunkers & foxholes, Russian POWs, MP 40,  Krads, Bunkers, Sturmgeschutze, nice photo of a German PANZERZUG armored train, rare photo of a "BUNKERKNACKER" armored 8.8cm Halftrack, Gypsies, burning Russian villages, more. Rare group!