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28.   LARGE BDM, REICHSSPORTAKADEMIE, Red Cross Photo Album & Document Grouping!
Huge grouping of five photo albums and loose photos of a BDM girl and also photos from her REICHSSPORTAKADEMIE & Red Cross service. 425 photos! Good images of her and comrade sin BDM uniforms, portraits, marching, BDM sports uniforms, visiting landmarks with her BDM unit, One photo album is from her time in the REICHSSPORTAKADEMIE in 1941 - good sports photos, official RSA uniforms and insignia, original photos of Hans von Tschammer und Osten - leader of the Deutscher Reichsausschuss für Leibesübungen (DRA) "German Reich Commission for Physical Exercise,” good photos of sports competitions, visiting the Alps with comrades, visiting the BERGHOF and BERCHTESGADEN, more photos from the REICHSSPORTAKADEMIE in Berlin in a second album, photos from her Red Cross nursing service, studio portraits, photos from Germish Partenkirchen, and more!