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27-b.  PANZER DIARY + PHOTO ALBUM Grouping - Leutnant - Panzer Regiment 25 - TOP!
Amazing grouping of three dairy/photo albums from a Panzer officer who served in panzer Regiment 25!  Named to Lt. Joachim STAPFF, Zugfuehrer in 1./ Panzer Regiment 25.  Three beautifully made, wartime albums with detailed diary entries from the France Campaign through Russia! Good artwork, detailed entries listing actions and engagements, he mentions ROMMEL in their unit at least once, EXCELLENT images including MANY great PANZER photos, super photos he took from his Panzer during combat (!!), many super photos of him and comrades in Panzer uniforms, captured French equipment, RAF aircraft, crashed ME 109 fighter, super Spanien 1939 cufftitle card, and more!