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27.    U-BOAT Photo Grouping - Mediterranean Theater - U-565
Grouping of 40 photos, period book on the UX U-565, Bundesmarine Seefahrtbuch, newspaper article about the man, Stammbuch and more from a U-Boat sailor who served on the U-565. The boat's service began on 10 April 1941 with training as part of the 1st U-boat Flotilla. She was transferred to the 29th flotilla on 1 January 1942 in the Mediterranean where she remained until being scuttled in 1944. In 21 patrols she sank three merchant ships, for a total of 11,347 gross register tons (GRT), plus two warships sunk and another two merchant ships damaged. Contains nice portrait photos of the man, crew wearing medals, KM tropical uniforms in wear, great photo of crew on day EK2 and EK1 were awarded and them posing with the medals in tropical uniform, and more!