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26.  photos -   WWII Kriegsmarine U-Jaeger Photo group – U-Boat Hunter!
Appx 420 photos – all very good. I have had this one in my collection for some time now and have recently decided to part with it. It also comes with an original unit crest with the captain’s signature on it. He was on U-Jaeger 1709.  Images include: several very good portrait photos, Km sailor with a MP40, sailors with heavy MGs, good photos of BATTLESHIPS (or CRUISERS), sea planes, many excellent photos taken on board ship, sailors in polar conditions, officers on board ship, sailors wearing minesweeper badges and others, their ship in dry dock, sailors launching torpedoes from stern of boat, German graves, sea planes doing recon sweeps, good photos of depth charges exploding, and more. A great KM grouping.