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25.   WEHRPASS Grouping - Oberleutnant & Wife- 110 Infanterie Division - POSTHUMOUS  EK2 - MIA
Grouping to sister (Lina Carstens) of man in #24 and her husband, Oberleutnant Johann MUELLER. He was MIA on Aug 14, 1943 while serving with Gren Rgt 252 of the 110 Inf Div.  Many campaign entries including POLAND, the Rhine, France 1940 , NORWAY and finally Russia.  Awards include Sudetenland Medal and a POSTHUMOUS award of the Iron Cross Second Class. Comes with Deutschesfrauenwerk Mutterschulungs Lehrgang certificate for Lina, many pieces of Feldpost he sent to her, several photos, paper appearing to indicate that he is still alive and in POW camp, official letters regarding his being MIA, POSTHUMOUS promotion document to OBERLEUTNANT, more!