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25.   Army Photo Grouping - NEBEL LEHR REGIMENT - Nebelwerfer - Russia Campaign - TOP!
127 very good photos of
a man who served in NEBEL LEHR REGIMENT on the Russian Front - an elite Nebelwerfer unit  formed from the Nebeltruppen school in Celle on 29 April 1941 with two battalions, one each with 10 cm NbW 35 mortars and 15 cm NbW 41 rockets!  Great photos of NEBELWERFERS and crews in the field, Nebelwerfers firing. troops just awarded EK2's in the field, great FOXHOLE & trench photos, vehicles, portraits, officers reviewing maps, loading Nebelwerfer rockets on halftracks, MG 34, road sign "trees," VW Kubelwagen with 'L" unit emblem, KO Russian tanks, more. Great grouping!