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23.   Luftwaffe Photo Album - RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN - Wilna GHETTO + STALINGRAD
201 photos from a LW man during the Russian Campaign. Well captioned. Starts on his first day of operations during operation Barbarossa. several photos of Unit emblems on vehicles, KO and captured Russian TANKS, captured Russian artillery, German PANZERS, 8.8cm FLAK cannons, photos from WILNA (Vilnius, Lithuania - looks like the Vilna GHETTO), STALINGRAD, CHARKOW, WITEBSK, WJASMA, OREL, ORSCHA, KURSK, WISCHAU, other identified locations, unit graves, several good photos of captured & destroyed Soviet aircraft, Luftwaffe airplanes, road sign “trees,” Attrappenpaner (fake tank), nice photo of KRAD troops napping on their motorcycle, MP 40, anti-tank rifles, photos from STALINGRAD, more! Nice album!