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22.  Army Photo Album - Artillery Unit - France and Russia Campaigns – DUNKIRK+
Appx. 130 Photos. Black album with embossed Heer Eagle and “Meine Kriegserinnerungen.” Many photos have detailed captions on the reverse. Dead Soldiers, Destroyed Allied vehicles and ships at Dunkirk – several photos, Crashed Bristol-Blenheim Bomber in French town with fire crew working to put fire out, German and French graves, destroyed towns, mounted troops, bicycle troops, crashed Ju52, nice photos of troops in well fortified bunker positions, artillery, destroyed and burning oil refinery, captured French POWs, troops loading ammunition into artillery cannon, several photos taken through a telescope at coastal shore battery – two of a German Destroyer, photo of field radio in use, troops in Paris and Rouen, 6 nice photos of an award ceremony – several soldiers being awarded EK2s – some already wearing Russian Front Ribbons, nice photo of a plaque showing all KIA soldiers in the man’s Battery (up to 1943) with names of cities they fought in, German Recon. Planes on a frozen Lake in Russia, ZWILLINGSSOCKEL twin MG42 trailer mounted machine guns, photos from man’s time in hospital, trucks with Red Cross insignia, 4 nice photos of a formal German military funeral.