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22.    Army Photo Album - AFRIKAKORPS, Kreta + RARE JEWISH DÜNABURG MASSACRE Photos + BREST 1944-45
179 photos. Well captioned. Really an historically important album. Starts with the man' service in the Russia Campaign. Many identified locations throughout. Photos of his stationed in Poland at the start f the campaign, good photos from WARSAW, photos from KOWNO, then photos from DÜNABURG - site of a Ghetto and multiple Jewish Massacres. There are three VERY rare photos of actual massacres taking place captioned " The solution of the Jewish Question in Dünaburg." These photos were forbidden and, as one can image, "disappeared" at war's end. Then photos form his time in the DAK in Afrika serving the 15 PANZER DIVISION, good photos of him and his unit in tropical uniforms in the desert, using captured British vehicles, photos from Rome and Naples, then photos from KRETA, two nice studio portraits of him in DAK uniform with his brother (twin?), an Army officer & EK1 winner, then photos of him serving in 326 Inf Div in Southern France through the end of 1943, then in Holland with Nacho. Abt 712, then in FALLSCHIRMJAEGER RGT 2 in BREST where he finished the war. Amazing album!