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21.  Hitler Jugend + DAD Deutscher Aufbaudienst + Army Photo Album + INSIGNIAS
82 photos. In album with swastika on cover. Starts with his service in the HJ - good uniforms, HJ flags, etc., then early DAD service - Scarce images. Also comes with full page of VERY RARE DAD uniform insignia including collar tabs, breast Eagle! then photos from his Army service, nice foliage camp helmets, MG 08, winter camp in wear with winter camp grenade bags, field telephones, optics, troops goofing off, bike infantry, Inf, Geschutz, more.  Deutscher Aufbaudienst ('German Construction Service', abbreviated D.A.D.) was an organization of ethnic Germans in Slovakia during World War II, organizing volunteer labour for construction efforts.[1] German sources claimed 19,725 persons participated in the D.A.D. brigades of 1941.[2]