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20.   Army Photo Album - 24 + 269 Infanterie Division - Russia - Nice!
Appx. 215 photos. This album contains many good photos of Infantry Regiment 31 - part of the 24 Infantry Division. He appears to have later been in the 489 Inf Rgt - part of the 269 Inf Div given later photos of grave markers and 269 ID vehicle insignia. Many of the photos have very detailed descriptions written on them. The album opens with his Wehrmacht training showing several photos of him and his comrades on parade, during weapons training, in barracks, etc. Photos during his combat time include: soldiers wearing Infantry Assault Badges, Would Badges, EK1, etc., award ceremony in the field, unit vehicles, RAD members wearing "Deutsche Wehrmacht" armbands, wounded German soldier who appears to have had his nose flattened, burning villages, troops attacking a village, destroyed Russian Tank, troops crossing the Duna River, destruction in Novgorod (Aug, 41), troops observing opposite bank of the Schelonge River (position of photo shows troops under combat conditions), excellent photo of a group of battle worn soldiers in an underground bunker - one is holding an MP40, another photo of their bunker from outside - another MP40 can be seen, troops crossing river in assault boats, soldier on day of EK2 award, Russian POWs, photos of his troops at Leningrad in 1941 (when he was with the 269 ID), destroyed Russian tanks in Leningrad, 8.8 cm Cannon in camouflaged position with barrel depressed for ground attacks!, good photo of the man's officer with maps stuck in belt and wearing EK1, officers conferring in the field, another soldier on day of EK1 award also wearing Infantry Assault Badge and Wound Badge.