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20.   WWII BATAAN/CORREGIDOR POW + KIA Purple Heart - 28th Bombardment Squadron
Original wartime government engraved Purple Heart to Roy Bechtold, Jr. who was killed due to "mistreatment" while a POW of the Japanese on June 23, 1942 - a few weeks after the fall of Corregidor. He was from Amarillo, Tx. He served as an aircraft mechanic in the Philippines with the 28th Bomb Squadron since June 1940 and served on Corregidor.

Technician 3rd Grade Roy Bechtold Jr. entered the Army Air Corps on 22 November 1939. He served as an aircraft mechanic. In the Philippines, he served with 28th Material Squadron, 20th Air Base Group based at Nichols Field, Manilla, P.I.. He had arrived there in June 1940.
He was known to have been based on Corregedor during the fighting.
He died of mistreatment while being held as a Prisoner of War on 23 on June 1942, at Camp O'Donnell, Luzon, Philippines.

28th Bomb Squadron Personnel list - Roy is listed: