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TOP rare grouping to British officer, Flying Officer and Adjutant Frederic L. WITHERS. He served as Adjutant for 122 Squadron (during D-Day) and later 134 and 80 Squadron. It is a very interesting grouping, but the most exciting part is his original II GROUP AND IX FIGHTER COMMAND JOINT AIR PLAN AND EXECUTIVE ORDER FOR OPERATION NEPTUNE. This is marked TOP SECRET and copy # 174, issued May 1944. ONE copy of this was distributed to EACH British & American Fighter Squadron and is indexed on the first few pages. This copy went to Lt. Withers who served with 122 Squadron. It contains the complete list of detailed operations of all fighter squadrons on D-Day, code words, an amazing large fold out map of the invasion beaches, and more. I have never seen this before and can find no record of it other than in military archives!

So, the rest of the grouping is also very interesting! Comes with a CONFIDENTIAL file folder covering all administration information for his 134 (CZECH) Squadron, 122 Squadron, and 80 Squadron. Many hand written notations by Withers inside. A large group photo of him and comrades at RAF School of Admin course in Jam 1944 (signatures on reverse), a very nice SCRAPBOOK with interesting content: Mementos from V-E day while he was stationed in Brussels, photos of girls he met, hotel receipts Allied Invasion Money, portrait of German soldier he found in his Hotel Room in Brussels, group photo of pilots of 80 Squadron in front of Mustang, portrait photo of F/O F. Bowyer, XO 134 Wing, greeting cards, passes, RAF Railway Leave Pass, original portrait of Air V.M. Sir Harry BROADHURST, pass photo of British troops in BAYEUX, press photo of Eisenhower and Montgomery, press photos of Allied troops liberation Eindhoven, photo of identified British fighter pilots including E.D. MACKIE - 21.5 kills, super photo of pilots sitting outside 80 Squadron officer mess/ready room showing unit number on door and captured Me 109 tail, etc., photo of pilots (identified) on day of Allied crossing of the Rhine, mementoes from his time in PARIS, original 122 Squadron report, his ration booklet, Release and Resettlement booklet, Comrades in Arms booklet 1942, nice large caricature of him done in Copenhagen, more!

Also comes with a very RARE booklet on the operational history of 122 Wing published Sept 7, 1945.