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1.     FALLSCHIRMJAEGER German Cross in GOLD Soldbuch & Document Grouping - TOP!
This is one of the best Fallschirmjaeger document groupings we have had the pleasure of offering. Full of great signatures! All named to Oberleutnant Ernest August MEYER. Comes with his SOLDBUCH. Comes with original photo that was in his first Soldbuch and re-used in this one. his signature matches as do the stamps. Very importantly for such a late award, the group comes with the ORIGINAL Vorschlag four-page document which records the actions MEYER was being recommended for the DKIG for (amazing details) with ORIGINAL signature of Regt, Kdr. It was sent to the commander of the 1 FJ Division Generalmajor Karl-Lothar SCHULZ (Ritterkreuz on 24.5.1940, the 459th Eichenlaub on 20.4.1944 and the 111th Schwerter am 18.11.1944) who endorsed & signed the award. The document was then sent to the commander of the I Fallschirmkorps, none other than Generalmajor Richard HEIDRICH (also RK + Swords winner) also signing (original signature) and unequivocally stating that he is “awarding” the DKIG to Meyer, not just recommending or endorsing. The grouping also comes with a commendation from XIV Panzerkorps commander General der Panzertruppen Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin (RK & Oakleaves) for his actions at Monte Castellaro with original signature. Also comes with official letter (also with original signature) of GENERAL SCHULZ stating that Meyer was awarded 20 day special leave by Hitler’s order, his IRON CROSS FIRST CLASS award document warded June 23, 1944 also with original SCHULZ signature, KRETA CUFFTITLE Award Document, GROUND COMBAT BADGE awarded Feb, 20, 1943 with original signature HEYDRICH, and his large formal FALLSCHIRMSCHUETZEN ABZEICHEN awarded October 1940. Amazing grouping to a true combat warrior who saw much action at KRETA, MONTE CASSINO and other locations in ITALY.
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