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1.   GERMAN CROSS in GOLD Winner Document Grouping - KARL MARX - Gren Rgt 316
Amazing document grouping to Feldwebel KARL MARX (!!)  who served in Gren Rgt 316 of the 212 Inf Division. Comes with his German Cross in Gold award document, Iron Cross First Class with original signature 212 ID commander  General REYMANN (Oakleaves winner), Iron Cross Second Class document with original signature 61 ID commander, Siegfried HAENNICKE (PLM + RK), Infantry Assault Badge document with original signature Regimental commander, Black Wound Badge document with orig. sig. Btl. commander, Ostmedaille award document, Silver Wound badge document, original congratulations letter form 316 Gren Rgt commander on unit letterhead congratulating Marx on his award of the DKiG, congratulation letter from 212 commander on award of the DKiG, original STURMTAGE list of 23 assaults, his Wehrmachts Fuehrerschein with photo, his original wound tags and more. His unit was fighting in Narwa at the time of his DKiG award and, subsequently,  fought in the Ardennes Offensive.