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1.  British WWII COMMANDO POW Grouping - DUNKIRK + Captured ST NAZAIRE RAID- Stalag VIIIB
Very rare grouping to a British COMMANDO. He was captured while participating in a raid on ST NAZAIRE on March 28, 1942 , also known as OPERATION CHARLOT.

St Nazaire was targeted because the loss of its dry dock would force any large German warship in need of repairs, such as the Bismarck's sister ship Tirpitz, to return to home waters via either the English Channel or the GIUK gap, both of which were heavily defended by British units including the Royal Navy's Home Fleet, rather than having a haven available on the Atlantic coast in Nazi-occupied France. The obsolete destroyer HMS Campbeltown, accompanied by 18 smaller craft, crossed the English Channel to the Atlantic coast of France and was rammed into the Normandie dock gates. The ship had been packed with delayed-action explosives, well hidden within a steel and concrete case, that detonated later that day, putting the dock out of service for the remainder of the war and up to five years after.
A force of commandos landed to destroy machinery and other structures. Heavy German gunfire sank, set ablaze, or immobilised virtually all the small craft intended to transport the commandos back to England. The commandos fought their way through the town to escape overland. Many surrendered when they ran out of ammunition or were surrounded by the Wehrmacht defending Saint-Nazaire.
Of the 611 men who undertook the raid, 228 returned to Britain, 169 were killed and 215 became prisoners of war.
The operation has been called The Greatest Raid of All within British military circles
His discharge certificate inside his playbook confirms he was a POW from 28.3.42 to 3.6.45. Apparently, he was also sent to Norway for a time in POW camp before transfer to Stalag VIIIb. He was also at DUNKIRK in 1940. His discharge also confirms he was with Commandos from April 1940 to Aug 1945. Also comes with a photo of him in Stalag VIIIb sent to his family with official Stalag stamps. Also comes with his War Medal and 39-45 Star.