Private Sales List
Historical Media, LLC


1.   WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS Standarte "GERMANIA" - 14x HITLER photos + 14x Original SS Helmet Decals!
134 photos in a beautiful official SS album cover for SS Standarte "Germania.'  It took part in the invasion of Poland attached to 14. Armee and following that campaign it was used to form SS-Division Verfügungstruppe (later renamed Das Reich).  The album has 14 (!!) ORIGINAL SS helmet emblems pasted inside.  Many photos are captioned on reverse. Many good images of GERMANIA SS collar tabs and cufftitles in wear, photos date form about 1936.  Good MG images, SS Krads, officers, FOURTEEN ORIGINAL PRIVATE Photos of HITLER on his yacht the AVISO GRILLE, his unit at the 1936 Olympic sites in Garmisch Partenkirchen, original photo RUDOLPH HESS, parades and rallies, many SS vehicles, one photo of HIMMLER, SS Generals, original photos of Mussolini, more. Nice album!