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1.   Waffen-SS Photo Album & Document Grouping - 13 Waffen-SS Gebirgs Division “HANDSCHAR” - Top Rare!
Amazingly rare album to SS Sturmmann Rudolf SCHOENFELD, a member of the 13. Waffen-SS Gebirgs Division” HANDSCHAR.” He was part of SS Flak Abt. 13 of the Division. It is compiled inside an ORIGINAL wartime USA-issued YMCA “A Wartime Log” book given to POWs - very rare by itself! Contains a personal log of his service history from being stationed in Southern France at Le Puy & Mende through many operations in Hungary and Austria and finally being captured in Italy. Two pages detail his unit’s flight from the Russians trying to reach Western Allied lines. Interestingly, he indicates that he was attached for a time to Hauptmann Steidl (RK Winner of the 2nd Jaeger Rgt. BRANDENBURG! also contains appx 35 military related pencil drawings he did. There are 81 original wartime photos (additional post-war photos he added after the war from Kameradenschaft). Many captions throughout. Starts with him and his SS comrades training in Goslar and then stationed in Le Puy, France, excellent sharp SS uniform insignia details, nice studio portrait of him in SS uniform, home on leave in SS uniform in 1944, huge piles of SS gear we all wish we had, marching in town center of Le Puy, several photos of a SS funeral - probably battalion commander SS-Obersturmbannführer Oskar Kirchbaum
who was killed with others during the Villefranche-de-Rouergue Mutiny during training in September 1943, identified photos of famous unit commander SS-Obersturmbannführer & Knights Cross Winner Hans HANKE (he stated in his personal history that he was part of KAMPFGRUPPE HANKE, a prominent unit of the Division of which one can find more about on the internet), SUPER photo of unit members wearing SS FEZ caps while sitting in a VW Kubelwagen, troops at grave in Yugoslavia (Fez’s in wear), SS Camo smocks, other images of SS Fez’s in wear, KIA SS troops awaiting burial, more photos of identified personnel, photos of Operation Save on the Sava River, photo from unit in Bejellina, then incredibly rare original photos from his time as a POW while in transport on British ships, posing in Venice as a POW, in POW camps in Italy - RIMINI, etc. In the POW photos you can clearly see it is the same man as the SS portrait. Also comes with his original SS promotion document to SS Sturmmann dated April 19, 1944 from 1./SS Flak Abt. 13 with original signature Batteriefuehrer as well as similar promotion document to SS-Oberkanonier (both with official unit stamps), original field order/pass with Feldpost number for the Panzer Jaeger Abt of the division with original sig. SS Obersturmfuehrer. POW document attesting to his service in a labor unit. Also more articles and post war clippings and documents he added later.