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1.  GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Award Document Grouping - 24 Panzer Division - STALINGRAD!
Fantastic grouping to Major Hans-Wilhelm von HEYDEN. Comes with BOTH versions of the DKiG award document - the small preliminary one and the large formal one! He was commander II./Panzer Grenadier Regiment 26 when he was awarded the DKiG on 5. Nov., 1942 during the BATTLE OF STALINGRAD! The division was destroyed in Stalingrad one month later. He was flown out of the Stalingrad-Kessel and took command of the part of the division outside it. He as KIA on 20 Feb. 1944 near Nikopol. Also comes with hi 4 year service medal document with orig. sig. KURT FELDT (RK winner), Sturmabzeichen also with signature FELDT, Black Wound Badge for being wounded at STALINGRAD October 1942, West Wall Document, Sudetenland Medal award document, two promotion documents with original signatures of BLOMBERG, letter sent to all members of the division informing them of Hetden's death and more!