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1.   Luftwaffe Document & Photo grouping - KIA - KAMPFGESCHWADER 55 - BATTLE OF BRITAIN
Very nice grouping to Uffz. Sepp RIEDER who served in KG 55 as an Air Gunner. Comes with 325 photos(!) from his military service, his original WEHRPASS filled with great entries including BATTLE OF BRITAIN CAMPAIGN entries for bombing runs on HULL & BIRMINGHAM as well as the BLITZ and operations in Russia!  death notices and newspaper clippings, his award document for BOMBER CLASP IN BRONZE with orig. sig. KG 55 commander Oberstlt. Benno KOSCH ( RK winner), his IRON CLASS FIRST CLASS award document with orig. sig. Generaloberst LOEHR (RK + OAKLEAVES winner), letters to family from commander regarding his death, many other documents related to his service. Also comes with his DJ FUEHRER AUSWEISS and his HITLER JUGEND FUEHRERAUSWEIS. Photos include man great studio portrait photos, several showing him wearing his medals, many photos of him and comrades in flight gear, many aircraft photos, photos taken in plane in flight, damaged aircraft, photos of his and comrades' graves, portrait of a DKIG winner, more.