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19.    HITLER JUGEND Stabsführer Document Grouping - Original BORMANN Signature
Extensive document grouping to HJ Stabsführer Georg REEPEN - Very high ranking HJ officer who served as the deputy to Oberbannführer Wilhelm Kohlmeyer - Gebietsfuehrer for Hamburg! Comes with original, personal letter to him from BORMANN with original signature, very rare early 1930 edition of Die Hitler Jugend stamped "only for leaders," extensive other documents may original orders relating to him as Reichsjugendfuehrer, original letters he sent to RUDOLF HESS, letters from other high ranking party and HJ officers, letters with original signature SS-Sturmbannführer Walter GRAVENHORST (Chairman of the district court of East Hanover), many papers related to his HJ service, original newspaper clippings, and more. Historically important grouping.. and cheap!