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19.   WWI Photo Album - Feld Artillerie Regiment 112 - Westfeldzug - TOP!
Huge, amazing album to officer who served in Feld Art. Rgt 112.  Comes in a very nice album with unit name embossed on cover. Contains 360 photos, all from the field.  Each photo is numbered and corresponds to an index contained on typed pages in rear of the album!   Very detailed information including locations, personnel pictured and other details. Many identified locations in France, Belgium and Galizien - VALENCIENNES, VOGESEN, LUBACZOW, FONTAINE-EN-DORMOIS, SEDAN, VERDUN, VIMY, OSTENDE, REIMS, and more!  GreatT RENCH photos, artillery cannons and crews, French churches being blown up, graves, captured Allied weapons, observation balloons, captured French airplanes, and more!