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19.    WAFFEN-SS Photo Album & DIARY - Sturmgeschutz - SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment "DEUTSCHLAND"
Amazing photo album to man who served in a StuG unit in SS Panzer Gren Rgt DEUSTCHLAND of the SS Panzer Division DAS REICH. Contains 130 military photos, about 10 original negatives, and more private photos of girlfriends (he had many, home on leave, etc. Also comes with his DIARY from 1945, Daily FIELD ENTRIES - not a "rememberance" diary after-the-fact. Right up until him being captured and going into POW Camp in Italy! Many hand-written captions in the album. Contains SUPER portrait photos of him wearing SS Feldgrau STuG Wrap tunics, portraits and photos of him wearing "Desutchland" cufftitle, EK1, Panzer Assault Badge & CLOSE COMBAT BADGE!! Excellent front photos - many Russian Tanks, very nice long barrel StuG III photo, many Panzer images, a large full-page size field portrait of him in uniformwith Deutschland cufftitle, him wearing SS TROPICAL uniforms in the field, MG, Krads, good foxhole photos, KIA Russian troops, hanged Partisan, high SS officers, portrait photos of comradss in SS uniforms, recovering in hospital and more. Super album!