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18.  WWI German PILOT Photo Album - Fliegerabteilung 280 - TOP!
SUPER album to German pilot in Fliegerabteilung 280 Rudolf BECK (can be identified in other photos in album also). Very well captioned throughout.  85 photos. Starts with a super studio portrait of him in flight gear with original signature!  Filled with fantastic photos of German WWI aircraft!   Super photos of BECK posing by his HALBERSTADT CLII airplane with aircrew, several original aerial recon photos of locations in France including MARS LA TOUR, FLEVILLE, ROSSIGNOL, and more. Identified personnel including Hauptmann Gristes, Pilots badges in wear, captured French Spad fighter, Super view of LVG C.1052, crashed LVG named to Lt. Schneider, balloons in flight, photo of LVG.C which he indicated was his first crash landing, nice photos of identified aircraft and pilots in flight taken from airfield, Albatross planes taking off, photos showing their air base, nice photos of aircraft drinking and celebrating, funerals of KIA aircrew, generals reviewing maps, super view of a FOKKER DIII in flight taken from above (rare view), KIA pilots burned in crashes, super photos of LONGUYON Train station after bombardment on March 18, 1918 - additional info of the US attack can be found online, more photos of the unit at LONGUYON, more! Super album!