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17.    German Army Photo Album - KOSCHMIN Poland, Saint-Leu-la-ForÍt, France, Russia, Italy - KRIM - 23 Panzer Division - nice!
190 photos. Very well captioned with lots of content. Man was in the Werkstatt Kompanie of the 23 Panzer Division. In March 1942, the division went to the Eastern Front near Kharkov as a subdivision of the German Sixth Army. It was to remain within the Army Group South for the major part of its service until surrender.The division part in the German advance to the Caucasus but was subsequently send north to STALINGRAD. It escaped encirclement when the 6th Army was trapped there and took part in the subsequent failed relief attempt.
Photos date from 1940 to 1944! Starts with nice studio portrait of the man, MANY photos from KOSCHMIN, POLAND, many identified personnel, any other identified locations in Poland,Polish refugees, Polish JEWS, tanks, Polish churches and cemeteries, KOTOWKA, good invasion of Russia photos showing many identified loactions they rolled through and many vehicles, photos from SHABELKIVKA, Ukraine - troops transitioning to tropical uniforms, also many photos from the unit’s time stationed in Saint-Leu-la-ForÍt - northern Paris, also photos from NAPLES, Italy, photos form the CRIMEA, KIA Russian troops, Russian POWs in KHARKOV, several photos from STALINO, more. Nice album!