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17.   SOLDBUCH & Award Document Grouping - 7x Award Documents - Rare Poland EK2!
Extensive grouping to Obergef. Erich STRUZYNA who served in Inf Rgt 401 as well as Gren Rgt 67. Comes with his Award Documents for the Krimschild, POLAND CAMPAIGN AWARDED Iron Cross Second Class award document (uncommon) - orig. sig. commander of Aufklarungs Abt. 18 Oberstleutnant Carl-Hans LUNGERSHAUSEN - he was later the commander of the 164th Light Afrika and 90th Panzer Grenadier Divisions (a desirable DAK signature!), Inf Assault Badge with orig sig Rgt car of IR 401 of the 170 ID (the unit was fighting at LENINGRAD at this time), Black Wound Badge with orig sig AA18 cdr Rittmeister d.Res. GŁnther Jordan, Ostmedaille with orig sig Grenadier Rgt 67 (23 ID) cdr (all at LENINGRAD at this time), SILVER Wound Badge, KVK2 awarded Jan 1944 with original sig. Adjutant, two nice large wedding portraits with him wearing medals. SOLDBUCH is complete with uniform photo of him wearin
g medals, all awards entered. Fantastic grouping!