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17.   101st AIRBORNE Paratrooper Grouping - 506th PIR - MARKET GARDEN - TOP!!
Very nice grouping to Sgt. Harold L. HUNT who served in the 506th PIR as a rigger. Comes with a SUPER RARE original 506th Jump Training Aid book that discussed all the basics of parachute usage - amazing! Super photo of the Rigger section of the 506th taken in Hungerford, England in May 1944 - all personnel identified with nicknames, SUPER RARE, ORIGINAL photos of the MARKET GARDEN Jump - C-47's in flight and photos he took just after landing with the sky full of parachutes!. SUPER RARE ORIGINAL PLANE LOAD MANIFEST for AMRKET GARDEN - lists the plane serial number and all names of 506th personnel onboard as well as aircrew, pencil portrait of Hunt, ORIGINAL JUMP LIST for a demonstration jump on March 29, 1944 - possibly meant the 24th which wa the demonstration jump for Churchill and Eisenhower, more original paperwork, a nice summary of his service, campaigns and awards upon his retirement in 1963, Passes & ID's - 506th marked, souvenirs from London and Paris, original Safe Conduct leaflet for German soldiers, ORIGINAL RARE Irvin Parachute Packing List for shipment of parachutes to Fort Benning - Never seen before), nice portrait photo of him in uniform, photos of trainman Jumps in Camp MacKall, more good photos of him and comrades in jump gear, in France 1945, crashed planes, posing with German Luger, identified officers, paratroopers with shaved heads, super photo of officer wear A-2 jacket with 506th unit patch(!!!), destroyed German planes in French hangars, great studio portrait taken May 7, 1944 of Hunt and two comrades in England, a nice hand-made photo album of BERCHTESGADEN and the BERGOF he brought home, and a bad of his medals and insignia - most Korea era but his Bronze Star is WWII era as is his jump wing oval and paratrooper cap badge and Croix de Guerre aiguillettes and his Holland aiguillette. Super grouping.