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16.    OFFICER FOUR Photo Album Group - WWI & WWII Service - 700+ photos - Nice!
Large grouping of FOUR albums from one man. Two of the albums cover his WWI service and two cover his WWII service. All together, over 719 photos!! All are well captioned throughout.  The WWI albums are very good, covering service on the Eastern and Western Fronts. Feld Artillerie Batt. 523.  Very nice portrait photos, many identified locations, captured BRITISH PILOT, several good AIRCRAFT photos,  cavalry, Pickelhaube, weapons, trenches, POWS, many good artillery photos, Turkish troops and officers, KIA,  the WWII service sees him stationed in POLAND and many photos form KRIM including SEVASTAPOL. photos also from the LODZ GHETTO. MG, portraits, many identified locations, many identified personnel,  aircraft, Gypsies, Russian POWS, KIA, vehicles, and more. One album is full of passes, paperwork orders, receipts from hotel stays, etc from his WWII service.