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15.   WWI Officer + Stahlhelmbund Photo Album - Ostfront + Westfront - TOP!
VERY nice WWI album containing 287 photos of a oung Oberleutnant (easily spotted throughout the album) who served in Fuss-Art. Batt 25, 120 & 48.  Beautifully captioned throughout.  Starts with his unit in the Carpathians in 1914/5.  many identified personnel and locations, photo of Jewish RABBI in Breszany, many other locations in Poland, many photos of HIGH OFFICERS, Division Generals, Crown Prince visiting the unit, many good photos of the KAISER visiting the unit in PLOTYCZA, field STAB HQ, photos from STRYPA, great photo of the KAISER awarding medals being handed out from a helmet, good Artillery cannon photos, trenches, forward observation positions, nice photos of self-propelled FLAK, then transfer to the WESTFRONT in 1918 - many identified locations in France, French POWS, more great Artillery photos, portrait photos, photos of the owner of the album wearing EK1, French TANKS, SOMME Battlefield photos, destruction in ROYE and RETHEL, then photos from his time in the STAHLHELMBUND, great original signed studio portrait of Theod. DUESTERBERG - commander of the Stahlhelmbund! other Stahlehlmbund portraits,  parades, ceremonies, great images of Stahlhelmbund insignias in wear, original photos of Hindenburg, and more. Great album!