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14.   PANZER Photo Album & Award Document Grouping - Poland, France & Russia - Panzer Regiment 7 - TOP!
254 SUPER photos of a man who served in Panzer Rgt 7. Comes with his IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS award document with orig. sig. General SCHALL, Kdr. 10 Pz Division (RK winner), also his Sudetenland Medal award document. Filled with MANY excellent Panzer images - Panzer I,II,II, IV !! Great photos of Panzer with PANZER RGT 7 EMBLEMS, many panzers with visible turret numbers, identified officers, captured POLISH Armored Car, Polish BUNKERS, Polish JEWS expelled from towns, Polish POWs, refugees, many identified locations in POLAND, then the France campaign, BISON Panzerjaeger tank,, KO French tanks, Command Panzers, crashed RAF airplanes, many identified locations in France, several photos of CALAIS, Panzers rolling through French towns, captured BRITISH TANKS, man and comrades being awarded Panzer Assault badges in field, French POWs, captured SPITFIRE, then ethos from RUSSIA, burning villages, panzer on Russian steppe, officers, more great Panzer photo, medals in wear, portraits and more!