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14.   Luftwaffe PILOT Award Document Grouping - NACHTSCHLACHTGRUPPE 5
Rare grouping to a Pilot who served in Nachtschlachtgruppe 5 - the first I have had material form this unit.  They were unit flying "night harassment" missions against the Russians in response to the Russians first successful use of this technique. They were first formed in several Störkampfstaffel (harassment squadrons) and then later reignited Nachtschlachtgruppen (night ground attack groups).  Comes with his Pilot's Badge Award Document, Iron Cross First Class with original signature General Pflugbeil, Iron Cross First Class orig. signatuer Generaloberst Otto Dessloch (RK+oakleaves), Bomber Clasp in Bronze with original sig. Gruppenkdr. Nahaufklärungsgruppe 1 Gustav NAGEL (DKiG), Bomber Clasp in Silver with orig. sig. Generallt. Paul Deichmann (RK winner), Bomber CLasp in GOLD with orig. sig. Gruppernkdr. Nachtschlachtgruppe 5, and scarce award document for the  Bomber Clasp with "200" clasp! Also comes with his original Pilot's License complete with photo.