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13.    WWII German Army Photo Album, Diary, Wehrpass, Maps – XXXX Panzer Korps - Balkans, France, Greece, Italy
very nice group named to Gef. Edmund Matz who served with the XXXX Armee Korps (later, Panzer Korps). His unit was the Panzer Korps Nachrichten Abteilung 440 (Signals Battalion 440 for the Panzer Corps). This entire grouping serves as an excellent diary of his wartime experiences. The photos from Greece are particularly good. The group consists of:
1. Photo Album w/232 photos
2. Wehrpass – with his photo on first page and many entries.
3. 3 Maps of his unit’s journeys through France, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. The maps are large fold out maps officially printed for this unit. Very detailed.
4. Map Booklet - Printed two page booklet entitled "Balkanfeldzug der 12. Armee" It contains a map of the unit’s journeys through the Balkans and a large photo  of Generalfeldmarschall List.
5. Documents – Discharge from the Army, USA Discharge document, and another relating to his discharge from the army.
6. Document – An 11-page typed account of the unit’s travels in Greece in May, 1941.
The photo album has detailed captions throughout listing locations, events, and comrades’ names. The photos are all of excellent quality and show his journeys throughout the war. Images include: Original photo of H. Goring! (in Compeigne, Fr,) , original photo of Ribbentropp, Original photo of Hitler, shot down enemy aircraft on fire in field, communications equipment, destroyed towns, good POW photos (one photo of a wounded French soldier is captioned "our first captured soldier", vehicles with the XXXX Korps insignia, Paris, knocked out French tanks, German motorcycle, photo of a train car with caption indicating that this was the car in which the WWI surrender took place and where the French in 1940were made to surrender and is now being transported back to Germany, photos of his unit’s journey to and in the Balkans, interacting with Rumanian civilians, Photo of XXXX AK Commander, Gen. Georg Stumme (RK 1940) wearing Knight’s Cross, photos of an airfield full of Stukas, photos detailing his journey to the Greece campaign, five good photos of Panzer III and IV’s and their crews, CAPTURED NEW ZEALANDER POWs!! – captured in Greece, crashed Stuka of 9./St.G.77 (insignia visible), another good Stuka photo, unexploded Granatwerfer shells, good photo of a Me109, uncleared mine field with mines visible, captured enemy anti-tank cannon, Plane IDENTITY!! With insignia of Stabsstaffel St.G.2, Waffen SS grave yard in Florina, many good identified photos from Italy - TRIESTE, RAGUSA, SPLATO, etc., postcards he collected from France and Greece, etc.