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13.  photos - PANZER Photo Album - 14 Panzer Division - STALINGRAD - TOP!
VERY good album of a man who served in Panzer Aufklarungs Abt 40 of the 14 Panzer Division! Very well captioned throughout (the color of the ink doesn't show up well in the photos)! Starts with him in the field in 1941. Contains super studio portraits of the man, filled with excellent images of PANZERSPAHWAGEN, many identified personnel, photos from SERBIA, Serbian militia wearing armbands, knocked out Panzerspahwagen, interacting with Italian troops in Fiume, the unit in Sarajevo, copies of his Wehrpass campaign pages he pasted in the album, then photos from RUSSIA, wounded Russian troops, Russian tanks, captured Russian aircraft, original photos of General der Panzertruppen Friedrich Kühn in the field, many comrades’ graves with panzer berets (this unit was still wearing them into the Russia Campaign). long barrel PANZER IV, great photo of a Russian soldier holding up a Molotov Cocktail, female Russian POWs, the unit welcomed by Ukrainian locals, halftracks, schwere artillery, Panzerspahwagen with painted nicknames, good KRAD photos, more knocked out Panzerspahwagen, more KO Russian tanks, many photos of battles around Dnjepropetrovsk, captured Russian FLAMETHROWING TANK, original photos of KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER KURT PRZYKLENK wearing RK in field (KIA in Stalingrad) including a private photo of his RK AWARD CEREMONY in the field, several photos of the KNIGHTS CROSS CEREMONY for Helmut LUTZE (Oct 1942 - Kradschutz. Batl. 64) at STALINGRAD!! photos of Generalleutnant Ferdinand Heim in the field and also in his command Sd.Kfz. 251, formations of Sd.Kfz. 250’s in MAKJEWKA, battles in STALINO & CHARKOV, battle in ROSTOW, photos of Division emblems on vehicles and field signage, photos of the unit on the KALMÜCKEN-STEPPE,burining Russian STALIN ORGAN rocket launchers, original photos of Generalleutnant Friedrich Sieberg, great photo of PRYZYKLENK wearing RK with LUTZE (beofore receiving his RK), Great photo of RK+OAKLEAVES winner (wearing both) Fritz FESSMAN with RK Winner LUTZE wearing RK also, another private photo of PRZYKLENK wearing RK, and more Also comes with some photos from POW camp in Russia and several FEDLPOST he sent home in 1944.