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13.   Army Photo Album - Officer - Panzer Unit - Poland, Russia & HOLLAND 1944 - WARSAW GHETTO - ROMMEL PHOTOS!
322 photos of a Panzer unit in Poland and Russia as well as photos in HOLLAND 1944 with original photo of ROMMEL touring the atactic wall defenses. well captioned. Starts in 1935. nice photos of the man including portraits showing his fencing scars that were vogue the 1920's. many identified locations, good Panzer photos, original photos of JEWS in the WARSAW GHETTO, Russian river crossings, burning Russian villages, halftracks, Russian POWs, KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER General NEHRING, commander 18 Panzer Division, nice portrait photos of the man, nice hand drawn maps, flamethrowers, stationed in Holland in 1944, original photo of GOLIATH panzer, beach defenses, more!