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13.  GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Award Document Grouping
ORIGINAL DKIG award document grouping to Oberfeldwebel Gerhard FRANKE. He won the DKiG on April 5, 1943 while serving with 3./Panzer Grenadier Regiment 52 of the 18 Panzer Division. The unit was engaged in heavy fighting around Orel at this time.  Comes with his ORIGINAL German Cross in Gold award document (denazified), ORIGINAL portrait photo showing him wearing the DKiG, original telegram of congratulations on his DKiG award from Generaloberst SCHMIDT (RK+Oakleaves), commander 2. Panzer Armee with original envelope, letter of congratulations from the Neue Leipziger Tageszeitung, letter of congratulations from Kreisleiter Leipzig, and letter of congratulations from Oberburgermeister Leipzig.