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123.  US WWII Air Corps Photo Album & SQUADRON PATCH Grouping - 354th Fighter Group - Top!
81 photos and ORIGINAL Squadron Patch named to Sgt Gerald BROPHY who served in the 356th Fighter Squadron, 354th Fighter Group. you can see him identified throughout the album. Also comes with original patches, original piece of 356 FS commanding officer's parachute he used when plane crashed on 2/6/43, also something (parachute related?) belonging to 356th ACE Max Lamb, filled with excellent P-51 Mustang photos, identified planes and personnel including MOH winner James HOWARD and plane "DING HAO," original photo of EISENHOWER, BRADLEY and other Generals, Col. BICKEL and "Peg o My Heart," [group commander - 3.5 kills], ACE Richard TURNER & "Short fuse Sallee," identified KIA pilots, good photos of base life, original photo Joe Lewis, 356th Christmas card photo, crashes, planes in flight formation, racing for takeoff, mess hall photos, great photo of captured FW 190, planes burning on airfield, and more. Great album!