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12.    ZOLLGRENZSCHUTZ Award Document Grouping
Nice grouping to ZOLLSEKRETAR KARL HETZEL. Comes with his large ZOLLGRENZSCHUTZ EHRENZEICHEN award document, Austrian ANSCHLUSS Medal Award Document, KVK2 Award Document awarded for service with the Kriegsmarine, Four Year Service Medal awarded 1936 for service with Inf Rgt 14, formal promotion document to Zollassistenten, promotion document to Zolldiatar, promotion document to Feldwebel, and several other documents related to his service. Also comes with his Prisoner Of War Index Card with two ID photos, POW postcard from POW camp in England he sent to his wife, two Red Cross POW postcards sent to Karl from his wife, five good photos and portraits of him in uniform and two of his 18 y/o son in uniform - one RAD an the other Army with helmet. One of the POW cards from his wife also indicates that their son is in POW camp in England and gives his details.