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11.  3x FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album Grouping - Fallschirm MG Bataillon - Russia, Greece, Africa
222 photos in THREE photo albums form the same man! Starts with Luftwaffe flight training and then quickly shifts to FJ training and service. many good photos of FJ uniforms and equipment, FJ jump smocks in wear, FJ troops in camp uniforms in the field, great foxhole and trench positions, very salty looking FJs in the field, Panzers, KO Russian tanks, MP 40, vehicles with unit insignias, unit graves in the field, burning villages, MG 34 positions, winter camp, Krads, mnany photos showing FJ badges in wear, FJ funerals in the field, good field combat photos, good images of FJ drop containers bing loaded/unloaded, FJ’s loading onto Ju 52’s, paratroop jumps, photos from Greece, photos from AFRICA, more. Great grouping!