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11.  Award Document Grouping - Officer - JAGER REGIMENT 49 - Krimschild
rouping to Leutnant Geert-Ulrich MUTZENBECHER who served in Jaeger Rgt 49 of the 28 Jaeger Division.  Comes with his KRIMSCHILD award document with facsimile Manstein signature, OSTMEDAILLE award document with  orig. sig Rgt cdr. Oberst Theodor Freiherr von und zu Aufseß (he commanded Schnell Brig 30 on Omaha Beach on D-Day!), Wound Badge in SILVER, Wound Badge in BLACK, and IRON CROSS SECOND CLASS with orig. sig. General der Artillerie Johann Sinnhuber (RK winner).  Also comes with three photos. Below is a link to an article about him.  Clearly the same person in the portraits. Apparently he was quite the author - 20 published works.