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101.  WWI German FLIEGER Photo Album - TOP!!
AMAZING original German WWI Flieger photo album. One of the best we have offered in several years. Contains 72 SUPER photos of German aviation in WWII. Beautifully captioned in the pilot's own hand.  He indicates photos of his own planes including ones he crashed in.  Filled with super images of German WWI aircraft, crashed airplanes, captured Allied airplanes, original UNPUBLISHED photos of WWI German ACES including IMMELMANN, WINTGENS and BOELCKE,  Oberlt SCHMALSCHLAGER, many identified locations including many in Belgium, many aircraft showing emblems, camo paint schemes and special insignias, good photos of base life, headquarters in the field in Brugge and other locations, German pilots inspecting the Allied planes they shot down, pilots posing with pilots badges, unit photo of Jagdstaffel 25 and 27 at Pisterweld, crashed bomber of BOGOHL III (Bombengeschwader III - responsible for bombing raids over London!), aerial recon photos of Zeebrugge, Bolchen and other locations, crashed aircraft recovery vehicles, mobile Flak trucks, and more!  Units identified include
Schlasta26b, 26, 25 and 27 Flieger Abteilung.