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10.    PANZER Award Document Grouping - Panzer Regiment 33 “Prinz Eugen”
Nice award document grouping to Feldwebel Otto FRECH who served in Stabs Komp. Panzer Regiment 33 “Prinz Eugen” of the 9. 9anzer Division. Comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature 9 Pz Div commander Generalleutnant Walter Scheller (RK winner), IRON CLASS SECOND CLASS award document with original signature div. Fuehrer, BLACK WOUND BADGE with original sig. Regimental commander Oberst Ludwig Schmahl (DKiG), SUDETENLAND Campaign Medal award document when he was serving in PANZER-LEHRREGIMENT, his Musterungs Ausweiss 1935 with original photo, and appx 25 original wartime photos including a super studio portrait of him in panzer uniform (clearly matches Ausweiss image), good panzer photos, troops in panzer uniforms, knocked out Russian tanks and more. The 9th panzer Division saw action in HOLLAND in 1944, specifically ARNHEM! It went on to fight in the Ardennes, Eifel, etc.