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71.   AFRIKAKORPS Wehrpass, Award Document, Photo & Cufftitle Grouping - KRETA, AFRIKA, SICILY, MONTE CASSINO, BATTLE OF THE BULGE - Nice!
Grouping named to Uffz Walter TUSSING who served in Panzer Gren Rgt 382 of the 164 lei. Africa-Division. He avoided captivity after the capitulation and was part of the reformed unit when it formed Stab. II./Gren Rgt (mot.)"NEAPEL" part if Panzer grenadier Regiment NEAPEL - Rare unit! He transferred in Sept 1943 to Panzer Gren Rgt 129, fighting in SICILY. He transferred in March 1944 to Panzer green Rgt 115 of the 15 Panzer Grenadier Division fighting with the unit at MONTE CASSINO! He stayed with the unit through the Ardennes offensive (Battle of the Bulge) and war's end. All awards entered! Also comes with his cut AFRIKA cufftitle and his complete minty AFRIKAKORPS cufftitle. Nice selection of photos from his Africa service!