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143.   SS POLIZEI Photo Album Grouping - France Campaign - Panzer Jaeger Abtl. SS Polizei Division - Nice!
Two photo albums from the same SS Polizei man who served in 1./Panzer Jaeger Abtl. SS Polizei Division.  The first album contains 93 photos and covers his Polizei training and service starting in 1935. Well captioned.  Good photos of him visiting BERCHTESGADEN, good Polizei uniforms, parades, vehicles, PAK training, Fahnentraeger, many photos from his service in Ludwigshafen. The second album contains 175 photos and covers his SS POLIZEI photos in the France Campaign, 1940. VERY good photos!  Well captioned throughout, bunkers, KIA French soldiers, many good vehicle photos, excellent SS Polizei uniforms, crashed RAF airplanes, many identified locations in BELGIUM, destruction in SEDAN, good PANZER III photo, French Tankettes with German markings, French POWs, crossing the Aisne Canal, captured French tank, halftracks, many good photos of battle in LES ISLETTES, posing with French police at checkpoints, comrades' graves, visiting Paris, and more. nice content.