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5.  WAFFEN-SS Photo Album - SS-PIONIER STURMBANN later KIA Luftwaffe Pilot
Beautiful photo album of a man who served in SS-Pionier Sturmbann and was alter a Luftwaffe Pilot. Named to SS-Scharführer Karl  HOSS. The album cover is FANTASTIC with unit name, SS runes and Totenkopf embossed on cover!  238 photos.  Covers both his time in the SS Pionier Sturmbann as well as Pilot in Luftwaffe.  Starts with two super studio portraits, one in SS uniform with SS Pionier Sturmbann collar tabs and the other as  a Luftwaffe man wearing Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge. contains many great photos of him in SS uniform, posing with comrades, nice parade photos, nice nighttime bonfire rally photos, great photos of unit Fahnentraeger posing with Flag and Gorgets in wear, SS Sport uniforms, Hitler reviewing the unit at rally, another nice studio portrait of the man in uniform, then photos of his transfer to the Luftwaffe, photos of him at controls of aircraft, many photos wearing Pilot's Badge, two very nice studio portrait of his brother, Georg HOSS - one in SS uniform wearing SS Dagger and the other in Polizei uniform (also contains two promotion documents of Georg), then photos from Karl's funeral after he was KIA on June 9, 1941, includes his death notices listing him as PG. und der SS-Scharfuehrer, Feldwebel und Flugzeugfuehrer."
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