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12.  WAFFEN-SS Freiwilligen Legion “NIEDERLANDE” + “PRINZ EUGEN” Officer Photo Album & Document Grouping – TOP RARE!
Very rare grouping to a SS officer who served in the very rare unit SS-Freiwilligen Legion “NIEDERLANDE” and also later in “PRINZ EUGEN.” He served first in SS-LAH before being sent to officer training at Bad Tolz. Upon completion, he was assigned to NEIDERLANDE which was engaged in heavy fighting on the Leningrad front at the time. Comes with his Unser Familien Buch which he has filled with many details of his service as well as obligatory family history. There is a great photo of him in SS uniform holding the book at his wedding! Signed and presented to him by an Ortsgruppenleiter. The photo album contains 126 photos. Starts with him in SS-Unterfuehrerschule, photos of cufftitles in wear – SS Unterfuehrerschule, Adolf Hitler, photos from BAD TOLZ, photos of him on motorcycles in the field with SS-LAH, great studio portrait of him in SS uniform, then in Russian as Untersturmfuehrer with SS-Niederlande, clear photos showing him and others wearing “FRW. LEGION NIEDERLANDE” cufftitle (!), photos of fighting around Leningrad/Wolchow, funeral ceremonies for KIA unit members at Leningrad (Dutch grave names), then photos of him in the Balkans with 7. Freiwilligen Gebirgs Division “PRINZ EUGEN,” Prinz Eugen unit cemetery in Sinj, photos date to Feb 1945 in Gorjani. Also comes with a few pieces of FELDPOST. Fantastic grouping!