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49. Photo Album & WEHRPASS Grouping- KIA - Sicherungs Ball 966 - BANDENKAMPF
74 photos. Named to Gef. Karl PORRMANN who served in Sich Btl 966. Comes with his Wehrpass. He was KIA on March 2, 1944 in anti-partisan fighting in Poland. Also comes with his large funeral notice listing his death due to “Bandenbekampfung.” Letter to his wife from his commander giver her details about his death, letter indicating the unit is sending her this photo album that they put together for her, another hand-write letter to her from comrade. Photos include photos of his grave in Jaroslau, photos from his funeral ceremony including his coffin identified, photos of him and unit in anti-partisan fighting in the weeks before his death, Russian Asian POWS working for his unit, photos from their Lager in Demba, Poland, nice field portrait photo of him.