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72 AFRIKAKORPS SOLDBUCH, ID Tag & Photo Group - Panzer Regiment 7 - TOP!
Great grouping to man who served in Panzer Regiment 7 of the 10 Panzer Division.  He was with the unit from Aug 1939 until it's surrender in Africa in May 1943. The division was surrendered in May 1943 in Tunis.  Awards listed include Sturmabzeichen, KVK2, Ostmedaille, Afrika Campaign Medal, and AFRIKA Cufftitle. Great DAK entries including that he arrived on African soil on Nov 30, 1942. Also nice entry stating on May 11 they surrendered to British troops in Kelibia. Also comes with his original ID TAG "Stab II./Panzer Regiment 7" - super!  His military driver's licensewith super uniform photo in Black Panzer tunic, his POW ID card from Camp Forrest, TN,  original military discharge, SUPER portrait photo of him in uniform sent as a postcard to his family, and a collection of 43 photos & negatives from his time in France, Russia, Africa and POW camp! Must have for the DAK collector!