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Army Gebirgsjaeger OFFICER Photo Album, Award Document and LAPPLANDSCHILD - Nice!
Very nice grouping to Leutnant Helmuth LUETH. he served in the 169 Inf Division as well as Kdo./ 9 Gebirgs Division.  Comes with his original LAPPLANDSCHILD award document and original LAPPLANDSCHILD. Document issued July 16, 1945 and is a nice printed version. Also comes with his KVK2 award document with original signature General Kurt DITTMAR. Also comes with his promotion to Oberfeurwerker from Army Firman School. Photo album contains appx 150 photos, Starts in the France Campaign. Excellent portrait photo, motorcycles & bicycle troops, another portrait wearing GJ peaked cap, more G insignias in wear, medals in wear, MG positions, requisitioned vehciles, artillery, bunkers, field bivouacs, 2cm Flak cannons, crashed RAF Fariey Battle airplane, troops in defensive position under bridge, 2cm Flak mounted on halftrack, VW Kubelwagen (in tropical paint), Sturmgeschutz III with four kill rings!, French POWs, another view of the StuG III showing "Prinz Eugen" painted on side!, KIA Russian POWs, KO Russian tanks, super view of Russian soldiers (including oriental troops) wearing Wehrmacht Army uniforms, graves, in Norway (signage should allow identification), ship transport, in Norwegian Fjords, KO T-34 and KV-1 tanks in Finland/Murmansk-front, and more. great grouping!