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4.  AFRIKAKORPS Fliegerschuetzen Document Grouping -  K.G.z.b.V. 104 + 600 - Nice!
Large amount of material from a DAK Fliegerschuetzen who served in K.G.z.b.V. 104 & 600 - a Ju 52 unit flying in Africa and Sicily.  Comes with his Fliegerschutezen Abzeichen award document awarded Oct. 1939, Iron Cross First Class awarded April 21, 1942 with original signature of Generaloberst Alfred KELLER (RK). iron Cross Second Class with original signature of RICHTHOFEN (RK) awarded Feb, 1942, KVK2 awarded Dec 1940 with orig sig Generallt. HAUBOLD, Ostmedaille, Frontflug-Spange in GOLD with original signature Oberst MORZIK (RK), original letters from his unit announcing and congratulating him on his award of the Flight Clasp in Gold, a Large Romaning medal award document, original promotion documents to Feldwebel and Oberfeldwebel, also contains official transcripts of his FLUGBUCH - operational flights qualifying for his Flight Clasp in gold!  Many flights listed in AFRICA and SICILY!! Also contains many post war documents regarding his police service.