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1.  KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER Photo Album - Dr. Rolf KNOOP - Kdr. 1./Grenadier Rgt. 377
Original and PERSONAL photo album and period book Der Sieg in Polen (stamped with his name) from RK winner Dr. Rolf KNOOP. He won the RK on July 26, 1944 while serving as the commander of I./Gren Rgt 377. The unit was fighting in DŁnaburg/Daugavpils at the time, defending the city from a concentrated Russian offensive. In July of 1944, Russians outflanked the German defensive lines via the motorways west of Minsk and Borissov to Witebsk (same route was used by Germans in 1941). By using tanks in vast numbers, Soviets intended to divide the German occupied territory into small salients and then take port city of Riga. Since Riga is situated at the mouth of Dvina River, Dunaburg was an important strategic point for both Germans and Russians.  Knoop also won the DKiG on Sept 12, 1942 while serving in 14./Inf Rgt 209. Photo album #1 contains44 photos in which Knoop is easily identifiable throughout.  Good photos of him wearing the DKiG, in HQ meetings with other officers, destruction in the France campaign, Inf Rgt 209 memorials, knocked out bunkers, artillery firing in the field, and more. Also comes with his original ARMY DRIVERS LICENSE ! through III class with original signature of Knopp. Rare chance to own a reasonably priced RK winner album!