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85.   Document Grouping - 44 Infanterie Division - STALINGRAD + MONTE CASSINO!
Extensive document grouping to Obergef. Johann KETTER who served in Artillerie Regiment 96 of the 44 Infanterie Division. He survived both STALINGRAD AND MONTE CASSINO!   The division was destroyed a STALINGRAD!  It was reformed in 1943 and became the famous  (44.) REICHSGRENADIER-DIVISION HOCH- UND DEUTSCHMEISTER that saw much action in Italy including MONTE CASSINO!  Comes with his General Assault Badge award document awarded for SERVICE IN STALINGRAD!! Rare version of this document awarded by Wehrkreis XVII when he was home recovering from wounded received at Stalingrad. this is how he escaped the destruction of his unit. Also comes with accompanying letter to his wife stating the medal and award document are enclosed. Also comes with his Iron Cross Second Class award document awarded Jan. 1944 with very nice "REICHSGRENADIER-DIVISION HOCH- UND DEUTSCHMEISTER" stamp for service at that time in MONTE CASSINO!!!  Contains orig. sig,  Oberst. Also comes with a wide variety of other documents related to his service including his original WOUND TAGS (one he wore out of STALINGRAD in Dec. 1942), hospital related documents, passes, IDs with photo, FELDPOST, other documents with" REICHSGRENADIER-DIVISION HOCH- UND DEUTSCHMEISTER" listed,
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