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5.  FALLSCHIRMJAEGER Photo Album, Wehrpass & Document Grouping - STURM REGIMENT + s.Fallschirmwerfer Abt. 21
Extensive grouping of a FJ who served in 6./FJR5, Sturm Regiment, 14./Fallschirm Art Rgt 1 and finally . Comes with his original wartime funeral sashes - one from comrades of 1./schwere Fallschirmwerfer Abt.21. Comes with his original award document for the FALLCHIRMJAEGER BADGE (March 1941), several Hitler Jugend IDs, document stating he was killed on Sept 9, 1944 from an allied air raid on Dusseldorf, condolence letters, funeral programs, a wallet that he kept foreign currency, photos and notes in. Also comes with his WEHRPASS listing all units, awards, campaigns, etc. Comes with two photo albums with 252 photos.Many photos captioned on reverse. Great photos of the man (easily recognizable throughout) and comrades in FJ helmets, FJ smocks, great photos of FJ jumps in action, GLIDERS, RK celebration dinner for Oberlt., three nice studio portraits of the man wearing medals, great photos of gliders in flight, FJ’s towing weapon and gear after landing, posing by crashed glider on KRETA, wounded FJ in JU 52 flight from Kreta, foxhole positions, crashed planes, field camps in France, MG 34 positions in the field, and more!
1850 Euro - $1980