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1.    Waffen-SS Photo Album & Document Grouping - 9. SS Panzer Division "HOHENSTAUFEN" - NORMANDY, HOLLAND - TOP RARE!
Amazing grouping to a man who served in the SS Panzer Division Hohenstaufen.  Album contains 173 photos, all from his SS Service. He was an original cadre member of Hohenstaufen - one of the most desirable and sought after units to find material from! Almost every photo is captioned on the reverse side with dates and locations. You can see the man's face easily throughout. The album perfectly chronicles the history of SS-Hohenstaufen from formation in France in 1943 through Einsatz in Tarnapol in 1944, return to Normandy June 1944 after D-Day, fighting in Normandy (Caen, Argentan, Epernay, etc.), retreat out of the Falaise Pocket through Belgium and into Holland (Arnhem), fighting in Hungary in 1945 right up until war's end with photos of him in POW camp! Fantastic content showing SS camo in wear, fighting in Normandy, super photo of a JAGDPANTHER in action (!!), top photo of a knocked  out PANTHER  in EPERNAY in July 1944, SS troops taking shelter under vehicles from American JABOs, Also comes with a LARGE folder of original documents including a few cover and photo page of his Soldbuch (photo stamped Hohenstaufen), many orders and documents related to his being called up to the SS, SS-Hohenstaufen documents including proportions, origin propaganda leaflets, SS Fuhrerschein, SS Feldpost, Nord and Hohenstaufen cufftitles (reproductions, I think) and much more. So many super rare photos! It looks like the man was a Waffenmeister which, I presume, enabled him to have the opportunity to store his camera and film throughout all their movements.
4200 Euro