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7.   KNIGHTS CROSS Winner Photo Album - Karl HOEHLE - 22 Inf Division + Cdr. III./Gren Rgt 378 - KRETA, AFRIKA
Photo album of RK winner Major Karl HOEHLE who won the Knights Cross on March 11, 1945 (!) and the German Cross in Gold on June 11, 1942.  He was serving as commander III./Gren Rgt 378 of the 169 Inf Division at the time he was awarded the RK. He previously served in the 22 Infantry Division during the France, Balkan, Greece Campaigns including KRETA and AFRIKAKORPS!  The album contains 166 photos (plus more personal photos from before and after the war).  also comes with a typed summary of service he did in 1963.  Contains nice photos from his time on KRETA as well as in NORTH AFRIKA! contains five super studio portraits of him from recruit to Leutnant in 1940. Good photos from the France Campaign of 1940 - KO French tanks, motorcycles, vehicle columns, troops in destroyed French towns, parade in Reims, then photos from the Balkans, Panzer III with 9 Panzer Division emblem, then Metaxis line battles in Greece, then Kreta and finally Tunis in north Afrika. He then states that the rest of his photos were destroyed in a bombing raid in Lepzig. Then postwar reunion photos, Bundeswehr maneuvers and portrait of him wearing his medals.
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